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Advanced Surf Course

Advanced Surf Course

#catch the green waves

Advanced Surf Course

Course with max. 4 students per group to ensure the best possible goals for each student!
Go surfing and work on the next level with your surf coach!

With our specific and individual coaching on the beach and in the water, you can train things such as your bottom turn, your cutback, and the right timing for maneuvers. Our highly educated and specialized advanced surf coaches will give you hints not only concerning manoevres but also detailed knowledge about surfing and the ocean in general.

Practical exercises in the sand provide a better learning progress by conecting muscle and brain cells of your body. You will feel the benefit directly on your next wave. Afterwards you will realize that with our professional coaching it gets easier and it will be even more fun. You will be so into the surf lifestyle, you will already plan your next surf trip.

In all our advanced surf courses we will work with a special video analysis!

Surf Course Infos

Level: Advanced
Fitness: sportive
Group: 4 Surfer
Duration: 3-4 hrs. per day

- latest Surf-Equipment from Pukas and FCS
- High performance Surfboards
- Janga Wetsuits & Lycras
- Surf-Shuttle-Service
- ISA certified Surf-Coaches
- Video correction / min. 3 days Surf Coaching
- Sun, Beach & Waves

Surf Course Prices

  • 1 Day - € 70,– 
  • 2 Days - € 135,–
  • 3 Days - € 195,–
  • 4 Days - € 260,–
  • 5 Days - € 325,–
  • 6 Days - € 390,–
  • +Days - € 55,– p.Day

Surf Course Request / Reservation

Send us a request or registration according to your wishes. Just enter the required data and write additional questions or wishes in the message box. We will process your request shortly and contact you. Please note that a request, reservation or registration is not a binding booking.

- Rapa Nui Team -

Advanced Surf Course
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