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Beginner Surf Course

Beginner Surf Course

let's go surfing

Beginner Surf Course

You want to try something new? If you have never been on a surfboard before, then this is the ideal way for you to enter the world of surfing!

You start with your small surf group at the best surf spot with simple beach breaks. After the warm up at the beach we start witha little theory unit, explaining important aspects of waves, security and surf material. We will familiarize you with your surfboard and start with positioning on the surfboard and gliding exercises.

After that, you will try to glide your first waist-deep white water wave with your surf instructor by your side. The surfing zone will be close to the shore on a shallow sandbank. Then, your surf instructor will show you different ways to stand up on your surfboard. We will explain you how to surf step by step until you get up on the board. Soon, you will be able to ride your first "white" waves and learn how to build a unit with your surfboard and form a special bond that stays, forever!

You are not only learning about watersafety or how to catch white water waves in the prone position but also your first take off. Your program includes a lot of simulation exercises on the sand, so that your muscle memory guarantees a fast progress .

Of course you can always rest in between, ask your questions, strengthen yourself, soak up the sun and have fun with the other surfers and have a great time with us!

The best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun!

Surf Course Infos

Level: Beginner, easy
Fitness: normal
Group: 6-8 Surfer
Duration: 3 hrs. per day

- latest Surf-Equipment
- Deeply Wetsuits & Lycras
- Surf-Shuttle-Service
- ISA certified Surf-Coaches
- Sun, Beach & Waves

Surf Course Prices

  • 1 Day -   €   65,– 
  • 2 Days - € 120,–
  • 3 Days - € 180,–
  • 4 Days - € 230,–
  • 5 Days - € 280,–
  • 6 Days - € 330,–
  • + Day   - € 60,– p.Day

Surf Course Request / Reservation

Send us a request or registration according to your wishes. Just enter the required data and write additional questions or wishes in the message box. We will process your request shortly and contact you. Please note that a request, reservation or registration is not a binding booking.

- Rapa Nui Team -

Beginner Surf Course
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