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General Terms and Booking Conditions

General Terms

#and Booking Conditions

General Terms and Booking Conditions


The registration can be done in written or oral form and occurs by the applicant for all named or listed participants. The applicant takes responsibility for the contractual obligation of the registered persons if he/she has taken a separate commitment through an explicit declaration. If the participant has registered for the surf course including accommodation, he/she has to transfer 200€ per person as a deposit on the account of Rapa Nui Aloha S.L. The claim of participation is valid with the incoming payment. The remaining sum needs to be transferred two weeks prior to the start of the travel to the account of Rapa Nui Aloha S.L. As soon as the deposit is on the bank account, Rapa Nui Aloha S.L. will send an invoice per E-Mail, which serves as a booking confirmation. If the participant registers for a surf course excluding accommodation, the contract is valid with acceptance through Rapa Nui Aloha S.L. The payment is due on the first surf course day.


The participant explicitly declares that there are no concerns from a medical point of view for the practice of surfing. Swimming skills and athletic capacity are requirements for the participation. The course participants need to obey to the instructions of the surf teachers. In case of irresponsible behavior, which jeopardizes the health or image of the participants or Rapa Nui Aloha S.L., the participant can be suspended from the course. In this case Rapa Nui Aloha S.L. will not refund the paid amount. The Rapa Nui Aloha Sports S.L. does not take obligatory supervision over underage participants apart from legal existing liability for premises.


The participation in the surf course, the travel, the claiming of the website listed services and the stay happen on your own responsibility. The liability of the Rapa Nui Aloha Sports S.L. does not extend to dangers that necessarily are connected to the sport of surfing and knowingly are hazarded by the participant as well as to damages that are caused by other participants or third parties. A liability insurance of Rapa Nui Aloha Sports S.L. exists, which only takes effect on the shuttle routs but not on losses and damages to the belongings of the participants. The equipment has to be handled with care. The participant is liable for any damages caused to grossly negligent behaviour or losses. The Rapa Nui Aloha Sports S.L. is not liable for weather conditions. If the course is not realizable due to weather conditions, the amount will not be repaid.


Cancellation and resignation of bookings is possible at any time. We ask to send the cancellation via letter or E-Mail. The cancellation is valid from the date of the reception. Cancellation up to 30 days before arrival: due to illness or for private reasons, an expense allowance of 20% will be charged on the travel price. Cancellation from 30 days before arrival: due to illness or for private reasons, an expense allowance of 50% will be charged on the travel price. Force majeure cancellation reasons are subject to the same conditions. If the cancellation is done one day prior to arrival or on the day of the start of the surf course, we charge 100 % of the total sum. If the surf day has been cancelled 12 hours before start, it cannot be shifted to another day and expires without refund. The reason for that are by law limited places. In case of an injury on-site, the participant will receive a voucher over the remaining surf days. This voucher has a validity over 2 years and is not transferable to other persons.


Until the beginning of the travel the participant can demand, that a third person enters the rights and duties of the travel contract as replacement for himself. In this case 10 € need to be paid for the change of the travel documents per replacement. The host can refuse the replacement, if the replacement does not meet the special travel requirement or if he is opposed to statutory provisions. If the third person enters the travel contract, he/she and the original participant are liable for the total sum and the additional charges. A fee of 30 € per participant is payable in the case of a demanded rebooking of an accommodation.


Rapa Nui Aloha Sports S.L. can cancel the travel contract without compliance to deadlines before and after the start of the travel, if the participant disturbs the procedure of the travel (regardless of a warning by the host) strongly, or he/she acts contrary to the contract so that an immediate rescission of the travel contract is justified. If the host cancels, he refunds the sum less the incurred extra costs to the customer. Further demands cannot be claimed.


travel cancellation insurance is not included in the price. The completion of such an insurance is recommended. Above all, a complete insurance package is recommended.


Changes to the process of the event cannot be excluded. Especially due to dangers caused by the weather, the surf course program can be cancelled and an alternative program can be offered.


The participant agrees that the Rapa Nui Aloha Sports S.L. will provide a satisfactory service or improve poor services within an appropriate time limit, instead of price reduction or conversion. Remedy can be found in either resolving a default or in providing an equal or superior compensation with approval of the participant. Defaults are to be mentioned directly and promptly to the Rapa Nui Aloha Sports S.L.. The host can deny the remedy, if it requires unreasonable expenses. In the context of legal regulations the participant is obligated to assist in avoiding and minimizing possible defaults and to give notice to any kind of complaint immediately.


Inadequate services, subsequent frustration and infringement of accessory obligations have to be claimed by the participant within one month after the ending of the travel contract. Claims after expiration of the deadline can only be enforced when the participant had no actual fault on keeping the deadline. In this case any claims are time barred after the expiry of one year from the date of execution of the contract.


The invalidity or unenforceability of any provisions of this agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the travel contract or any other provision of this agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.


A fine of 30,- € will be charged for a delay of payment. This applies to partner agencies as well as course participants.


(exclusively for surf camp guests) 
Concerning the accommodations, Rapa Nui Aloha Sports S.L. procures those but is not owner. Therefore, the Rapa Nui Aloha Sports is not subject to the terms and conditions of travel law that a travel agency has - the Rapa Nui Aloha Sports S.L is a leisure sports organizer. A travel cancellation insurance is not included in the price. If a travel is cancelled due to private matters or illness, the host charges 10% of the travel price as allowance for special expenditure. To make an offer binding and reassure the seriousness, the guest has to transfer a 200,-€ deposit p.p. to the bank account of Rapa Nui Aloha S.L.. The rest sum is to be transferred 14 days prior to the travel.
An invoice which serves as booking confirmation, will be sent after receipt of the deposit. If a surf course has been booked, paid and the participant shows up, but realizes that he/she does not like the sport of surfing, the host will not refund money. In high seasons (e.g. Easter-, summer-, autumn- and winter- holidays) an offer on the part of Rapa Nui Aloha Sports S.L is valid only for 24 hours. The registration for the airport shuttle at Rapa Nui Aloha Sports S.L. has to be done not later than 72 hours before the start of the travel. Requirements for the registration: first name, family name and flight number of both flights. The airport transfer is done by a service provider and will later be balanced with the Rapa Nui Aloha Sports S.L.. If the previously reserved airport shuttle will not be used by the participant, a cancellation fee of 15,-€ will be charged. There are no discounts for children under 14 years of age available on the airport shuttle. For organizational matters of the service provider OTS only a two-way airport shuttle can be book but not a single shuttle route.


Do I need to bring bed linen or a sleeping bag? No. Both accommodations have bed linen. Do I need to bring towels? No. All accommodations own towels. Only a beach towel is necessary. Furthermore the cleaning lady changes bed linen and towels regularly. It might happen that dish towels are missing in the accommodations. The Bungalow Resort Casa Catalina provides a washing room to its guests. A coin for the washing machine can be bought at the reception. Laundry detergent has to be bought in the supermarket.