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Yoga & Surfing Fuerteventura

Surfing & Yoga

Yoga! Another passion!

Yoga! Another passion!

Are you looking for a perfect addition to your surf lesson, surf trip or sportive holiday in general? Either as preparation for your surf session or as an After Surf Treatment, Yoga relaxes your body and enhances your agility. On your surf board you feel the effect immediately. Better balance, even temper and the pure feeling of happiness!

Yoga makes you concentrate onto the here and now, just like in surfing. Both go together like sand and saltwater. Yoga practice balances body, mind and soul. Therefore, it is a perfect adjustment to your daily surf session to stay in flow, in- and outside of the water. Our Yoga teacher Lisa shows you her passion and knowledge with a lot of joy and ease, in open or private Yoga sessions.

Every course is designed for all level. The Yoga sessions take place at the beautiful sandy beach of Costa Calma from Monday until Friday, close-by our Surfcamp bungalow resort.

Surfen & Yoga Beach

Body and Soul in Harmony

Seize the moment, free your mind and concentrate on the here and now.

The practice of Yoga combines body exercises with concious breathing techniques and therefore focuses the concentration on your own body. The exercise of the Asana practice is only one part of Yoga. At the same time it is an attitude and way of living. The bliss, Yoga is for everyone, independent of body form. No body equals another, every single one will feel the positive effects of Yoga on body and soul.

A relaxed musculature, better agility and general well-being are some of the many benefits. Due to conciuos exercising and intentional time taking, Yoga slows down the daily life and gives back appreciation to oneself and ones body. 

Our Yoga Styles

The Yoga sessions of Lisa combine elements of different Yoga styles. Vinyasa Flow as well as Yin Yoga are part of the lessons.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic Yoga style, which combines breathing and movement directly. The postures are held in variating times, to allow a more intensive feeling. Different Asanas are connected in fluent transitions, therefore it is called a flow. The time every posture is spend in, is measured in breaths.

One enormous advantage of Vinyasa Yoga is to help to keep the focus on the moment, the here and now. Vinyasa Yoga strenghtens the body, improves the balance and sharpens the feeling of the body. But is important to focus on your own body and to keep in mind, that every body is different. Therefore, every Asana will always look different on each body. Each Asana offers a variety of options to make it available for all our different bodies. 

Vinyasa Flow
Yin Yoga Fuerteventura

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a more passive but not less effective Yoga Style. Special Yin Yoga postures are held for 3 to 5 minutes or sometimes even longer. Holding these postures for more minutes allows us to work on a deeper level. You will feel a great benefit in your fascia, ligaments and tendons so you will get rid of tension in your body.

But not only the physical but also the mental benefit of Yin Yoga is huge. It helps to calm down your mind and find your inner balance.
Everyone experiences stress in the daily life, at work and at home. Almost nobody really takes the time to let go, relax or listen to the inner self. If you really surrender yourself to the postures, it allows you to balance your life and helps to let go of all unnecessary thoughts... 

Yoga Kurs Booking

Send us a request or registration according to your wishes. Just enter the required data and write additional questions or wishes in the message box. We will process your request shortly and contact you. Please note that a request, reservation or registration is not a binding booking.

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