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Yoga & Surfing Fuerteventura

Surfing & Yoga

Yoga, Soul & Surfing

Yoga & Surf Escape

Join us for a week full of adventures on the mat and above the sea!

Come and see the beautiful sunrise at the Canary islands, get fit in the island practicing yoga and surfing. Our whole Yoga program (daily yoga lessons, private yoga lessons, yoga retreats, yoga holidays) has been created with heart to boost you and give all the tools to reconnect with who you deeply are and let go who you are not anymore.

Everything will take place down south on the island of Fuerteventura, under the Canarian sun, surrounded by volcanic energy. Every course is designed for all level. The Yoga sessions take place at the beautiful beach resort of Bahia Calma or directly at the beach from Monday until Friday.

Time schedule: 
Mo - Fri 9am and 5pm / Meeting point: Rapa Nui Shop

Surfen & Yoga Beach

Yoga Escape

The Sunshine Yoga journey has only just begun

Our Yoga philosophy is based on ensuring a mindful and holistic Yoga practice. We want to foster an empowered, healthy and mindful community through connection with others, but also with the self. We will breathe, listen, play, expand, laugh, share, learn and discover. We want encourage everybody to practice Yoga! I will adapt each class’s movements to your individual abilities.

There is no prior Yoga experience required.

Our Yoga Styles

Yin and Yang Yoga is the perfect balance.
Connect deeply with your mind and body while experiencing your life in harmony.

The combination of yin energy (gentle) and yang energy (invigorating) in yoga is the perfect way to align yourself physically and mentally and experience balance, strength and flexibility. Our lives put enormous stress on our bodies every day. Yoga helps us to listen and show kindness to ourselves.

Relaxed muscles, increased flexibility and well-being are just some of the noticeable effects. By consciously taking time and practising yoga, you slow down your everyday life and give back to yourself and your body a lack of appreciation. I will adapt the movement to your individual abilities in each yoga class. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

I look forward to welcoming you to my yoga sessions.

Yang Yoga Flow

At the beginning of the day, I invite you to join me for a session of dynamic Yang Yoga
in the morning sun of Costa Calma. It will prepare your mind and body for your surfing
experience of the day.
We will warm up your body gently to allow you to move in the water with your full
strength and a sharp mind.


Vinyasa Flow
Yin Yoga Fuerteventura

Yin Yoga Flow

At the end of the day, I invite you to join me for a complete restorative yoga practice,
focussed on releasing the tensions from a full day of adventures.
Move your body in harmony with your breathing. This will help you realign yourself and
slow down, letting your Yin energy flow through your body.
You will travel through a deep relaxation and healing experience to prepare yourself for
a restorative night.

Yin and Yang yoga is the perfect balance. Deeply reconnect with your mind and body,
while experiencing your life in harmony.


Yoga Lessons Booking

Send us a request or registration according to your wishes. Just enter the required data and write additional questions or wishes in the message box. We will process your request shortly and contact you. Please note that a request, reservation or registration is not a binding booking.

- Rapa Nui Team -

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