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Surfing Courses & Lessons

Rapa Nui Surf Courses

#ride the waves!

Learn to surf with passion!

Learn to surf the easy way – with the Rapa Nui Surf Team
Professional surf courses with loads of fun, passion and Aloha spirit

Do you want to learn how to surf? Do you want to discover a new passion? Riding along on a wave is an incredible feeling. We will teach you how to surf – professional, individual and tons of smiles. Lively joy including surf spirit is guaranteed. Beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer – no matter what level – we offer surfer feeling pure and maximum success. Our experience, our passion and our attitude will help you to improve the best possible way.

Our surf coaching adopts to all participant levels and our experienced, highly certified and passionate surf instructors teach you everything about surfing, from A to Z. Perfect waves at countless breath taking beach breaks in the south of Fuerteventura will ensure an unforgettable experience. Get in touch with other surfer, spend a wonderful time at the most beautiful beaches of the Canary Islands and just have fun. Let us teach you how to surf and become a member of our small Rapa Nui Family.

We teach and coach you in all courses on the latest and most innovative surfboards from Pukas and Softech!

Keep Surfing

Surf Course Features

  • all-year round surf lessons
  • surf lessons for all level
  • lessons in small groups
  • much exercising in the water 
  • theorie, video analysis
  • ISA certified Coaches
  • latest Surf-Equipment
  • Deeply Wetsuits & Lycras
  • Surf-Shuttle-Service
  • perfect Surf Spots
  • Sun, Beach & Waves

Our Surf Courses, Your Surf Courses

Beginner Surf Course

Beginner Surf Course

Do you want to learn how to surf? Or do you want to taste a new experience?

Come and join our beginners lesson!

In the beginning of our taster/ beginner lessons we will teach you basic but important aspects concerning waves, surfer gear and security. You will learn how to manage the ocean, control your surfboard and glide into your first waves. On a sand bank near the beach in hip-deep water and gentle whitewater or foam waves, you will practise to paddle and try to catch them.

After the first successful wave gliding exercises, our surf instructors will show you how to stand up on your surfboard easily. After a short period of time, you will surf your first waves, get addicted by it and spread the aloha spirit.

Intermediate Surf Course

Intermediate Surf Course

Do you need a refreshment? Or do you want to reach your next surf level?

Join one of our Intermediate surf lessons!

In our Intermediate course we give you a warm welcome to the next level of surfing! It deepens your basic knowledge and helps you practice first maneuvers in the whitewater as well as first experiences with paddeling out into the line-up. Your surf coach gives you advice on issues such as catching the wave at the right spot, your paddling and diving technique, as well as many other things. 

Private Surf Coaching

Private Surf Coaching

Do you want to push your way of surfing to the next level!

Get your own surfcoach now!

Our private surf coaching is designed for your very own surf level and individual wishes. You will get your own surf instructor, who only cares for your own needs. You will be in immediate contact and get loads of tips and hints personilized just for yourself. Aloha feeling guaranteed.

GNR Surf Coaching & Trainings Fuerteventura

GNR Surf Coaching & Trainings

Personalised surf coaching programs on Fuerteventura. Each coaching program is custom designed for the individual to help them set and achieve goals for their surfing quickly and safely and all or our programs are effective and affordable.

Gilles Noah Rese Surf Coaching & Trainings with 6 years’ experience in professional surfing (WSL – QS Tour) and former member of the German national team makes it possible to develop a unique methodology for surf coaching and programs. Gilles Noah offer coaching programs for intermediate and advanced surfers. Whatever your ability level, we’re here to help you achieve your version of “better”.

Surfboards von Pukas und Softech bei Rapanui Surfschool


High performance on the latest and most innovative surfboards from Pukas and Softech in all surf courses...
... to guarantee you maximum learning success with a focus on safety.

Through many years of cooperation with our partners Pukas Surfboards and Softech Surfboards we get the latest surfboard shapes which we exchange ½ yearly to teach you on the best material in our lessons.

We also always have the newest models for sale in our Rapanui Surfshop! So if you want to own your own board you can get professional advice, try and take your board home from vacations.

Talk to us or just come by the store.

Learn to Surf/Surf Lessons Fuerteventura

A typical day within our surf course


The starting time of your surf lesson is managed by the forecast of wind, waves and tides. Dependent on the needs, knowledge and surf skills of our surf course participants, we will choose a perfectly suitable surf spot and start at the best time of the day. We will meet at our surf centre, next to the surfcamp or (if you have a different private accommodation) at your place and pick you up with our Surf-Shuttle-Service to drive with you to the surf spot of the day. After a warm-up session and interesting theory parts at the beach, we will enter the ocean and its waves to surf and train. You will be taught everything step by step within 3 to 4 hours a day. In between the water sessions you can relax at the beach, get to know mind-like people or just watch the other surfers.

Which Surf Course fits?

No idea which surf course to choose? No problem!

We offer surf lessons for every level, depending on surf experience and fitness level. Starting from no-clue beginner and taster courses up to experienced and advanced lessons. Our familiar team will help you with all your questions and definitely find the perfectly fitting surf course for your needs. Get started and improve your surf level! Within our intermediate and advance lessons, we will partly coach you with a special and individual video analysis.

Choose your surf course and join us on board!!

Learn to Surf/Surf Lessons Fuerteventura

Only a surfer knows the feeling!

Your questions, our surfing FAQ

When can I participate?

You should be at least 8 years old and healthy and able to swim safely. If you are younger than 18 years old, we need a  consent form of your parents. If you are physically restricted, write us an e-mail in advance and we will clarify the details with you.

What do I need in the surf course?

These things you should definitely bring: Your bath towel, a strong sunscreen, your bathing suit or pants, plenty of drinking water, a power snack and what else you need to feel comfortable!

When does my surfing lessons start?

Our surf-courses begin daily at the best time of the tide (to provide you with the best surf conditions), so your entry will ensure you lots of fun and success. Dependent on tides and wave forecast the surf courses are done at the best waves in the south of Fuerteventura in groups with a maximum of 6 – 8 students per instructor for around 3 - 4 hours.