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Private Surf Coaching

Private Surf Coaching

let's go surfing

Private Surf Coaching

Not looking for big surf groups? Fast success and progress in surfing is what you desire? Or do you want to surf within a small group, family or kids?

Our private surf coaching is tailored to your individual needs and expectations. It is also meant for small groups or families with kids. One instructor will be only with you and will teach you everything you want to know about surfing.

Whether you want to learn how to surf for the first time in your life, or you have special expectation about specific things like a perfect pop-up, perfect timing or learn different manoeuvres. This course guarantees a fast and successful progress of your surfing level. Theoretical knowledge paired with direct exercises and immediate feedback helps you to grow your surfing knowledge and confidence. The surf teacher concentrates only onto you and helps you with a big portion of Aloha Spirit.

Book your very own surf instructor!

Surf Course Infos

Level: individual
Fitness: individual
Group: 1 Surfer, Family, Group
Duration: individual

- latest Surf-Equipment from Pukas Surfboards and special Surfboards for kids
- Janga Wetsuits & Lycras
- Private Surf-Shuttle-Service
- ISA certified Surf-Coaches
- Sun, Beach & Waves

Surf Course Prices

  • 2,5 hrs - € 150,–

Surf Course Request / Reservation

Send us a request or registration according to your wishes. Just enter the required data and write additional questions or wishes in the message box. We will process your request shortly and contact you. Please note that a request, reservation or registration is not a binding booking.

- Rapa Nui Team -

Private Surf Coaching

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