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Surfing to the next Level!

Surfing to the next Level!

Intermediate & Advanced Surf Coaching Week

Surfing to the next Level!

Intermediate & Advanced Surf Coaching Week
17.06.23 – 24.06.23 
Atlantic Surf Lodge - Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains – Frankreich

This special training week with Rapa Nui Surfcamp and our friends from Atlantic Surf Lodge is suitable for all intermediate and advanced surfers who want to improve their technique in the green waves.

Gilles Noah (World Surf League) will provide you with individual coaching focused on turns, timing, positioning, parallel surfing and using your body weight correctly to paddle waves. We will take you to different line-ups and explain the respective spots and conditions and point out any risks.

We are confident to unlock your full surfing potential and fast track your progress during our coaching weeks.

Surf Week Features

  • 7 overnight stays
  • 6x delicious full board
  • 1 coaching session per day approx. 2,5 hrs. incl. equipment
  • Coaching on surf equipment, tides & surf spots
  • Free training with surf skates
  • Video coaching & analysis, video feedback
  • Yoga, focus on stretching (optional)

Surf-Coach & Training Day

Your coach Gilles Noah Rese!

Gilles surfed 4 years in the German National Team, was German Champion 2015 and surfed in the WSL Pro Junior Tour as well as in the QS of the World Surf League.  Through his professional and in-depth training as a pro surfer, in terms of efficient diagnoses and coaching strategies, he will improve your confidence in your skills, knowledge of waves and biomechanics so that you can reach your personal goals in surfing.

What does a training day look like?

After a short introduction session, we check the conditions and set the lineup on the first day. Afterwards we start in the waves, where we put a lot of emphasis on improving the position on the board in order to paddle the green waves more efficiently and reliably and to surf parallel for as long as possible (including bottom turns and cutback).

You will learn to play with the speed of the surfboard in the wave and improve timing and important line-up rules for controlled surfing. In addition, we accompany you with the video camera and analyze everything in the evening in a cozy round.

Features & Prices

Included in the price:

7 nights in dorm (single/double room/apartment on request).
Full board; one evening the kitchen stays cold which is a good opportunity for an excursion or a common restaurant visit!
1 coaching session per day approx. 2,5 hrs. including all equipment (boards in all sizes from 6.0 to 9.0 everything available)
Coaching in the selection of surf equipment, tide booths and surf spots
Free training with surf skates
Video coaching, video feedback (2 x per week)
Yoga, focus on stretching (optional)

All together from 570,-€

Inquiries and bookings:
Call: +33 5 58 48 31 37