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Surfskate Training Fuerteventura

Surfskate Training Fuerteventura

We bring surfing to the streets!


We bring surfing to the streets!

In our surfskate courses you will learn the right surfing technique and everything about surfskating. We cover everything from basic fundamentals to advanced maneuvers. Our surfskate training is suitable for all beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers!

Find out more about how the surfskate courses can take you to the next level on the water!

Surfskate Features

  • Top Current Surfskates 
  • Groups or individual lessons
  • Video coaching
  • Protective equipment incl. 
  • Rental and sale

Surfskate Training at Fuerteventura

Surf manoeuvres consist of complex movements. That's why we break them down into their individual components for you and bring them directly to the tarmac with you so that you can optimally transfer the movement patterns learned on the surfskate to the water. We guarantee that your surfing will benefit from it. Your surf coaches are also your coaches in the surfskate courses, so they can give you special training in the surfskate courses, which you can then put into practice directly on the surfboard the next day in the water.

We have developed a training programme for you, which helps beginners to progress quickly, but also challenges the professionals among you. We always try to offer you the best possible surfing experience in the water as well as on asphalt. We offer you group training or individual lessons!

We use the latest surf skates from Yow, Slide, Mark Richards, MB and Deeply for our courses. You are also welcome to rent the boards from our shop, train yourself and have fun! Protective clothing such as helmets and protectors are of course free of charge! If you like it and have fun with the surf skates, there is also a large selection to buy in our shop and train at home.

Features & Prices

Prices & Services:
Group lesson (max. 8 people) - 1.5 hrs - €25
Private surfskate session - 1.5 hrs - €40

All courses include surfskates, protective clothing and transfer to our skate spots.

Contact your local surf coach or send an email if you only want to do a Surfskate course.